The Scoop About Us

Its our Pleasure to meet you throughout these web site to present you  a briefed glance about ZAGRIT CO. LTD. for agriculture technology , and it is one of the leading companies which was achieved by self efforts and relied on its activities researches and functioning technologies in the field of agriculture production . 
We started our activity in mid 70's as a small family project to produce vegetables , and by god's welling and the favour of trust and tranquil support that we got from all related parties , we could successfully widen our activities as we stared since  the early 80's to produce vegetable saplings by using machine and related modern methods . 
As we believe that science experience and persistence are the keys to success , we had an advanced step forward in the field of our specialty by setting the primary standard  to produce hybrid seeds in which we can control their quality in order to be suitable for the agriculture potentials , climate change and market demands to achieve a direct increase to the production.